Total Equipment Control Program

We combine our technology and supply chain capabilities to bring our customers a range of services surrounding equipment management.  We support providers by helping them manage fleets of equipment across the country, as well as manufacturers that need support to take new offers to their customers.  This is powered by our cloud-based software platform, Q-Connect.  With Q-Connect, our customers can take control of their equipment workflows and operate more efficiently.  This includes better inventory visibility, more control of deployments between locations, distributed warehousing, and a nationwide web of logistics.

Inventory Visibility

The foundation of effective equipment management is accurate data showing how the equipment moves throughout your organization, both financially and physically. Without a trusted database showing what equipment is in circulation, and the equipment’s status (operational, needs service, retired, etc.), companies will continue to operate inefficiently. Strong inventory management is the core of Q-Connect and our all of our TEC programs. With these programs, you will have complete visibility of what equipment you have, the status of each, and all of the associated service records accessible in the cloud.

Controlled Deployment

Having inventory visibility only works when the process is controlled. If equipment is flowing in and out of use, and between facilities without any control, the inventory visibility will be a lost cause. Our TEC programs are designed to establish best practices and systematic processes that build-in control to the equipment management processes. This includes shipping product to branches from controlled warehouses and improving turnaround time with our swap-out RMA processes. All of this is powered by the cloud-based infrastructure of Q-Connect, which makes it an easy journey for all of the users.

Warehousing Support

As part of our TEC programs, Quality Biomedical offers warehousing support across our national network of locations. This allows our customers to utilize these distributed facilities to warehouse equipment following service, or to warehouse product that was just ordered from the manufacturer. We warehouse the equipment until a Deployment Request comes in from an authorized user, shifting this inventory to the desired location. This process improves total fleet utilization and will help lower future capital requirements. Full visibility to inventory levels and equipment movement can be found on Q-Connect.

Nationwide Logistics

The physical movement of the equipment is what connects the branches to the corresponding service centers and warehouses to complete the end-to-end equipment management process. Q-Connect has shipping modules that provides full visibility to all of the movement. From products coming in for service in Florida to deployment requests being sent to a branch in need of more equipment in New York, our cloud-based platform controls it all. This includes tracking information for 3PL shipments as well as pick-up and delivery dates for our internal Quality Biomedical logistics options.

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