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Equipment Rental

At Quality Biomedical, we understand the importance of renting medical devices to supplement the fleet that you own.  Rentals can be useful in meeting spikes in patient demand or buffering your inventory during times of high equipment service needs.

Utilizing Q-Connect, we support direct rentals with our healthcare customers for ventilators, oxygen devices, and patient monitors.  In addition to direct rentals from Quality Biomedical, we also facilitate rentals for others in our Q-Connect marketplace modules.

Quality Biomedical - Datat drive biomedical equipment repair service company

Direct Rental with Quality Biomedical

We offer rentals to healthcare organizations for a wide range of medical devices. This includes both hospital and home-based ventilators, oxygen concentrators and POCs, apnea monitors, pulse oximeters, as well as various other respiratory and infusion products. All of our direct rentals are a monthly rental in nature and can be rented for as long as your company needs the product.

OEM Rental Management Platform and Program

Some manufacturers want the benefits of renting their products to the channel. These benefits include faster market penetration, residual revenue streams, and high margins. However, most OEMs lack the infrastructure required to manage an effective rental program. We can help. We have designed a cloud-based rental management platform that supports all aspects of the rental program.

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