Infusion Therapy Equipment

Infusion pumps take a beating in nearly all hospital and EMS environments.  They get dropped, knocked over, pulled on, and suffer damage due to liquid spills.

Biomedical supervisors claim that 30%-40% of their resources are dedicated to repairing and PM’ing infusion pumps.  With so many other important areas (OR, ER, regulatory) requiring the attention of the Biomed team, smart hospitals and other healthcare providers outsource this equipment service to certified biomedical service organizations such as Quality Biomedical.

Outsourcing this important area not only frees-up technicians time, but also reduces the workload on purchasing, receiving, and anyone involved in parts management.  Some healthcare systems outsource 100% of all their infusion pump maintenance.  Others do all PMs in-house and outsource pumps requiring more extensive repair and service.

Quality Biomedical’s technicians are factory-certified and service thousands of infusion pumps each year – with fast turnaround and exceptionally-high quality output, with full recognition that lives depend on the accuracy and quality of their work.

So whether your fleet of pumps includes Alaris, BBraun, Abbott, or MedFusion, you can count on Quality Biomedical’s team to keep them in OEM condition and provide the turnaround time you require.

infusion equipment repair service


Baxter Spectrum IV infusion systems have electronic medical records (EMR) and achieve an average of 97 percent drug library compliance within one month of implementation.


Bbraun infusion systems feature a microprocessor in each pump to help prevent catastrophic pump failures and channel confusion and a non-numeric keypad with simple arrows.


The Medfusion pump includes PharmGuard® Medication Safety Software and is optimal for neonatal and pediatric patients since it’s intended for small volume specialty infusion.


The BD Alaris™ Pump Module is a large volume infusion pump which can handle up to 4 IV infusion modules and can deliver fluids either intermittently or continuously.

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