Quality Biomedical

Our Mission

Quality Biomedical provides health care companies with medical equipment management services that reduce costs and improve operational efficiency – allowing them to deliver high-quality patient care.

We believe Home Medical Equipment (HME), EMS (Emergency Management Services), LTACs, oncology and infusion centers, and all healthcare companies should employ services and programs that reduce costs and improve the business process so they can focus their resources on providing high-quality patient care.

Although there are similarities in how companies manage their equipment, each is unique in terms of:

  • Equipment fleet size
  • Brands and models deployed
  • Geographic coverage
  • Types of vehicles and equipment deployed in each
  • In-house resources for cleaning and servicing equipment.

That’s why we work closely with our clients to design equipment-management programs specific to their unique requirements.

We help our client’s transition equipment service from a necessary evil to a strategic advantage.

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