Masimo SPO2 Sensors

This box contains 20 high-quality disposable Masimo SpO2 Sensors. These pulse oximeter finger sensors offer excellent performance, comfort, and ease of use.


Masimo SPO2 sensors are designed to deliver high-quality performance at reduced prices where Nellcor® pulse oximetry sensors have been previously used.

  • Seamless Nellcor Alternative connects directly to your existing Nellcor patient cable.
  • Sensor with clear tape similar to Nellcor Oxisensor D-25, OxiMax Max-A.
  • Ambient Light Protection- recessed photodetector minimizes ambient light interference even in intense light situations.
  • Durable Construction- tear-resistant materials and an 18-inch cable pigtail with DB-9 connector.
  • Box of 20.