Medical Ventilator

Ventilation patients can be both challenging and profitable for well-run HME companies. The difference between the two is often determined by the level of equipment management solutions employed by the HME or LTAC company.

If your firm has hundreds of medical ventilators (and the related accessories like humidifiers and concentrators), keeping up with the required PM’s, equipment service, and even smoke-damage and insect infestation units can be quite challenging. Quality Biomedical can help.

As one of the largest respiratory equipment service companies in the US, Quality Biomedical works closely with HME, EMS, hospitals, and LTACs to help them reduce the costs and improve the operational efficiency of their ventilator program. Quality Biomedical provides a free web-based portal helping healthcare companies track PM schedules, equipment-in-service, shipping information and maintenance records of all their ventilation equipment. When combined with superior factory-trained technicians and fast turnaround, his level of detail allows management to maximize the ROI of their ventilator fleet, reduce rental expenses and make wiser equipment-disposition decisions.

And when these expensive units are damaged by insects, rodents, or smoke, Quality Biomedical restores them to their original OEM specifications.

Finally, proper equipment management involves disclipined end-to-end care of these life-sustaining units. That’s why Quality Biomedical provides world-class equipment management programs such as our Total Equipment Control (TEC) program. TEC helps multi-location companies optimize the storage, deployment, between-patient cleaning, testing, and records-management of their entire fleet.

Trilogy Ventilator Repair


The Trilogy ventilator is set apart by its included SD card that can hold a year’s worth of data storage. Easy to read display screen shows settings and data in real time.


The LTV ventilator provides flow termination, variable rise time, variable time termination, sensitivity flow trigger, pressure control and support, and leak compensation.


The Astral ventilator weighs 7 pounds, offers up to 16 hours of continuous portable power, and contains a wide range of alarms to alert caregivers to potential problems.


The Vivo ventilator has three pre-set profiles, an intuitive user interface, and a home-adjust mode, making it an excellent option for mobile, home, or hospital use.

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