Oxygen Equipment

Oxygen concentrators represent the bread and butter of most HME companies these days. HME companies with fleets of thousands of units need a partner to keep all of them running properly – and for longer periods of time. That partner is Quality Biomedical.

Each oxygen concentrator serviced by Quality Biomedical goes through a 15-point checklist to ensure every part, every filter, and every caster is working properly. And we don’t simply check the major components, we replace them with new or rebuilt/recertified parts.

This replacement policy includes a 100% replacement of the key components that cause most low-O2 issues.. the sieve beds and the compressor. In addition, we replace all filters, double-test the valve/solenoid, and examine all hoses and clamps. All oxygen concentrators are then wiped down inside and out to ensure they are uber-clean and ready for your next patient.

This O2 concentrator “Make-Over” allows Quality Biomedical to offer a 1-year warranty on the repair of all stationary oxygen concentrators. Our customers tell us they are getting an additional 2+ years out of the concentrators we service. This improves cash flow and reduces the logistics costs of replacing defective concentrators in the patient’s home.

Got POCs (portable oxygen concentrator)? No problem. Quality Biomedical services all major brands of POCs (except Inogen) with the same exacting service given to stationary oxygen concentrators.

In our effort to help our customers reduce costs, we offer free pick-up and delivery services at customer locations that are within our general trading area. Need more information? Click on the link below or call your sales representative.

portable oxygen machine repair

Home Oxygen

Our customers say they get an additional two or more years out of home oxygen concentrators that we service. Browse our selection of home oxygen concentrators here.


We carry and service a wide variety of portable oxygen concentrators so that you can match your patients with the perfect model for their needs. Browse our selection here.

Liquid Oxygen

Is liquid oxygen a better choice for some of your patients? No problem. We carry that, as well. Browse our selection of liquid oxygen containers now.

Portable Liquid

Your patients using liquid oxygen will need portable liquid tanks to stay mobile. Check out our selection of portable liquid oxygen canisters to fit the needs of your patients.

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